The university should continue to innovate on environmental issues


Dear Sir,

Whatever happened to logic of the greatest good for the greatest number?

How come the noisy M6 and nuclear power station, visible from literally anywhere in this countryside, were authorised to be built yet not two wind turbines? Sight? Noise? Give me a break! These arguments are just pathetic and are a prime example of the attitude of a large part of this country’s citizens who support wind energy but not in their own back yard. This is why this country will continue to lag behind the rest of Europe when it comes to arguably one of the most important issues facing our generation: sustainable energy. Just because a few object, the majority will suffer.

I urge the university to appeal and, with luck, eventually win. Short-sighted, selfish residents should not be the reason why this university fails to be an innovator and leader when it comes to sustainable living. Furthermore, there are other options for investment.

Perhaps most importantly, saving energy, becoming more efficient: an area where this university has left large margins for improvement. Start with heating, sorting out some of the truly ancient single glazed windows on this campus. Then light and water. £5 million (originally allocated for producing renewable energy) would go far if invested in saving energy.

Perhaps even further considering the many advantages?

Jan Breuer
Bowland College

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