Differing perspectives prove that readers still thrive on disputes


Dear Sir,

Thank you to the person a few issues back for writing in with your alternate perspective on the Management School placement situationlike many of the other departments, it seems that the true mask differs from the face underneath.

I wonder if this is universal: do any maths, or medicine, or law students wish to come forward and tell us about their departments and the difficulties they may or may not have faced? We’ve already heard from politics, management and music to name the most obvious and frequent three. It seems that there is a universal breakdown in communication throughout the university that needs to be addressed.

Aside from this, I would like to respond on the comment that both stories were printed in SCAN. Of course they were! Newspapers of all types thrive in dispute and sensationalism. Just look at the Mail for an example of this (remember Jan Moir?)… dispute sells. We read papers to hear the latest gossip, whether that’s good, bad, or pure speculation.

It’s up to the reader to be discerning and decide what to believe and if as many departments are going under as this year’s coverage seems to suggest, I have no doubt that the majority of the sympathy will be with the student perspective.

V Ellis
Cartmel College

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