Face Halo: Heaven Sent

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Taking off my makeup at the end of a long day is a hassle, so when I saw something that would make it infinitely easier, I jumped at it straight away. Face Halo is a little piece of magic made of fibres 100 times finer than a human hair that works to loosen your makeup off with just water at the end of the day. Created in 2017 by mum of three Lizzie Pike, it’s designed for busy people who barely have time to wipe their face at the end of the day.

What drew me to a Face Halo the most was how simple it seemed to be. It only uses water, eliminating the need for makeup wipes or micellar water, and it lasts for 200 washes – that’s machine washes, not face washes! I’ll admit, I was a massive sceptic at first. I looked at this little white pad and just questioned how on earth this would take everything – including my favourite water-resistant mascara – off in one go. But it did! From the very first go, it was amazing.

I don’t wear heavy makeup on a day to day basis, but there’s nothing more of a hassle than coming in after a night out and going through about 34 cotton pads and half a bottle of micellar water just so I can pass out. But the Face Halo is a blessing that I never knew that I needed. Now I just stagger in and swipe my face while I brush my teeth and all my makeup is literally gone. Usually, my toner reveals all the gunk left in my pores, but every single time after using a Face Halo there’s nothing left on the pad.

It really makes me take care of my skin better as well. Instead of being lazy and not bothering washing my face at the end of the day, I actually use my face soap, leaving my pores squeaky clean. After I use it, I simply add some of my cleanser and wash it out before popping it on my radiator to dry out. Something I have noticed is that mine has stained black in some places with my mascara and eyeliner, even after machine washing – but that’s something I really don’t mind.

Something I love about Face Halo is that it is committed to sustainability. Considering just how long Face Halo’s last, it means you don’t use wipes that take hundreds of years to break down in landfill sites or plastic bottles full of makeup removers. This also makes them incredibly cost-effective. One Face Halo is around £7, from Boots or the Face Halo website, and its longevity means that you won’t need anything else for a good long while. And when you eventually need a new one, you can send your old ones off for recycling! Check the Face Halo website for where to send your old Face Halo’s off to at the end of their life.

The Face Halo has achieved something amazing with me: now I look forward to taking my makeup off at the end of a long day (or night). And as I’ve only machine washed mine twice at this point, my Face Halo can look forward to a good long life with me.

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