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About this blog

We started this blog mainly to let you know about things that we’ve been doing and planning to do at SCAN. Being involved in student media we see ourselves as learners. The posts in this blog will help us to review our performance and to reflect on what we have done for future improvement.

This blog will hopefully be useful for future Editorial Committees and their teams of contributors to learn about the day-to-day running of SCAN. One of the things we have been doing the past few years is to have some continuity. We have tried not to innovate or reinvent the wheel too much every time a new person elected SCAN editor. We hope that future Editorial Committees will do the same and continue using this blog to share their best practices.

We hope the best practices that we have developed and followed at SCAN can be useful for other student media organisations.

Feel free to share your ideas to improve SCAN in this blog.

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