Business Editor


This position will require the successful applicant to continue to develop the newest section of SCAN. You will be expected to produce a wide array of articles, ranging from student finance pieces to in-depth looks at the national economy and wider issues.

The role will also require you to:

  • Organise interviews and discussions with key local and national figures in business.
  • Develop comment pieces in relation to key issues within business that directly affect students.
  • Provide training and guidance to any member of SCAN writing for the Features section and maintain a proficient team of Features writers and columnists.

Experience in SCAN is desirable but applications will be considered from applicants with other relevant experience. Candidates with no previous experience in SCAN should not be dissuaded from applying – I welcome applications from anyone with a desire to learn and contribute to the paper.

Ollie Orton

SCAN Editor 2015-2016

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