Open day let down


Recently, a friend of mine came to an open day at the University. I accompanied her, went to all the talks, and it was all very interesting. But, I must be honest and say that my main reason for attending was the promise of free tea or coffee at Bowland, County, Grizedale, and Fylde bars, Café 21 and the Venue.

As we had multiples of the vouchers, I thought I’d take her to most of the above establishments as a useful tour for her prospective university life. With most of the talks being in the Great hall area, Bowland and County bars were my first choice. They were both closed. The queue for the Venue stretched outside the doors, Grizedale and Fylde were also full. i suggested Café 21, only to get there and be told it was open only for Computing that day.
Quite honestly, i was disgusted.

Don’t you think it’s a little bit early for the University to be backing down on its promises before people have even applied here? At least the would-be students will have no illusions of what kind of freebies they’ll be getting during their time here!

Harriet Murdoch
Furness College

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