Bus price hike


Has anybody else noticed that the bus fare has risen again this term? It is ridiculous that students already pay a pretty extortionate rate for an essential service without tacking on more cost.

I know a 25p rise for a return in three years doesn’t sound like much, but it does start to add up. The bus passes are hardly value for money either.

This is all in addition to the fact that for the last three years I have been living in Lancaster the frequency of buses has diminished considerably, dropping from one every five minutes during the day in 2008 to the odd timing of one at 20 past and then three at quarter two.

Does the University not understand that many students do not own cars nor can afford to purchase everything from Central/Spar. Come on Stagecoach, sort it out! It’s also about time the University helped us undergrads (who fund this institution) instead of working out new ways to rip us off!

PS: Welcome new freshers!

Rory O’Brien
Pendle College

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