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It may be a well known fact that you are bound to put on a few extra pounds at university, especially if you are drinking enough to be accepted into an AA meeting and chocolate has become your best friend in times of an imminent deadline. However, it does not need to be this way. There are cheap and easy options to stay fit, healthy and active whilst you are at university.

The first piece of advice is to walk to as many places as you possibly can. Don’t be fooled and take the bus or car but instead get outside for some fresh air and give the old legs a good stretch. It is widely known that exercise releases the happy hormones so what better way to de-stress by getting out and keeping fit without breaking a sweat.

You can even partake in a gentle jog around the many public footpaths in and around Lancaster. You can start slowly by completing a campus run of approximately one mile, or venture further to Galgate and back which is approximately 5 miles or even jog by the canal at your own leisurely pace. For those of you who are really eager to take to the tracks, then head to Morecombe and have a jog by the seaside. This route is approximately 7 miles with many views to take in on the way and you can witness the delights of the Carleton in daylight too. Once you turn up the music on your i-pod and get your running shoes on there shall be no stopping you.

Be sure to make good use of the Lancaster gym facilities too. Whether this is getting a group of mates together to play football, badminton or even trying the exciting experience that is aero-ball. Not only can you allow your competitive streak to be released on your unsuspecting friends, but you can sweat out the previous night’s alcohol in the process.  The gym offers a wide range of activities as well as exercise classes from keep-fit to boxercise to circuit training as well as a large swimming pool to cool down in after. You can invest in a premier membership with the gym at £170 which offers free indoor activities apart from recreational classes or simply subscribe to the £32 standard card which offers discounts from the original prices.  Either way it is an opportunity to make new friends and take a break from the library.

If you’re interested in taking up a sport or activity on a more regular basis then there are numerous different clubs and societies to choose from. If you missed the chance at Freshers’ Fair then do not fret a smany clubs still take on new members and you may well find your new passion. If you’re looking to try something unique then why don’t you try out cheerleading or American football. There also many dance classes as well as canoeing or even hiking if you fancy taking to the hills. The possibilities are endless and it really is a great way to expand your social circle and try something new whilst you’re here. Not matter what your interests are, just make sure you get out there and do something. You really will feel the benefits for it after.

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