Beauty and the hangover


I’m sure you’re all familiar with that awful feeling, when you wake up and all you can taste is the aftermath of a heavy night and a few hazy memories. Not only that, but you tend to look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards and haven’t slept for weeks. Well, there are a few things you can do to help bring your appearance back to life; even in your head is still in sleeps ville.

Alcohol is the number one dehydrator, so when removing any excess make-up from the night before make sure you use a cleanser which will do its best to revitalise the skin.

If you have some time on your hands, then a face mask clears your skin up and makes you feel great. I would recommend a deep conditioning mask as this will give your skin the boost of vitality it’s dreaming of. Put a piece of cucumber over each eye to wake you up and to relieve puffiness and dark circles. If your fridge is bare then you can simply use ice cubes or a cold spoon as the cool temperature is the secret to sparkling eyes. Soon enough you will be looking a lot more like your old self again. If you haven’t the time to apply a face mask then a rich moisturiser is a god send, because it’s guaranteed your skin will feel dry and awful and moisturising will help you along on the journey to normality.

This may seem obvious, but drinking a good pint of water before you go to sleep works wonders too as it can prevent the next day hangover from appearing in all its glory. Also, if you drink another pint of water as soon as you wake up it will do half the beauty work for you. Dehydration is the main reason for that dreaded hung-over feeling.

Dark circles are a major give away and can make you look sleep deprived. Eye drops are a quick and effortless trick of trade. I would recommend Optrex eyedrops as they really do fake the eight hours sleep look. If you need to go out in a hurry then make-up is your best option. Use a light coloured concealer under the eyes such as Radiant Torch from Yves Saint Laurent to give a brightening effect on the eyes. To make the eyes appear wide awake then gives your eyelashes a bit of lift with some eyelash curlers and then a black mascara for definition.

Foundation is the key to making your blotchy skin disappear. Mix your foundation with an illuminator crème to prevent your skin from looking dull and drab. Once you have applied your foundation you can inject colour back into your skin by using a natural blush, a shade darker than what you would normally wear, which will bring your skin back to life. If you have time to apply eye shadows then stay clear of shimmery colours as it will only highlight the dark circles under your eyes and instead opt for matte shades.  

The bedazzled look is never going to win hair awards. However, the revolution of dry shampoo means we don’t have to wash our hair to give it that just washed feeling. Instead use a good dose of dry shampoo, leave for a couple of minutes and then brush out any remnants of the previous night. Simple. Don’t try and battle against your hair with your styling tools as this will only dry out your hair more but embraces the natural wave to your hair and if all else fails – hats are big news this season

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