Union governance finally cleaned up with passing of bylaws


The second Union Council meeting of the term drew an end to the complete revision of the Students’ Union’s bylaws.

The final passing of an updated and fully reworked set of union bylaws means that all of the Union’s governing documents now correlate. the bylaws form part of the governing structures of the union and explain how the union should be formed and run.

The majority of the items on the agenda were cosmetic points, with JCR bylaws and sub-committee bylaws being adjusted to have consistent titles with the rest of the union constitution. These were all passed by a vote without any discussion or confusion.

LUSU President Robbie Pickles drew attention to the fact that, with the passing of the last few JCR and sub-committee bylaws “we’ve now brought to a close the period of time which started in July which is the formal process of clearing up the bylaws once every five years. That means the bylaws are now fixed.”

The bylaws, five months in revision, were given a complete overhaul to bring them up to date with current LUSU constitution. Pickles indicated the importance of the revision, saying: “the bylaws of the union were out of date to the point that roughly one quarter were missing altogether and most of the rest made little to no sense.”

A preamble to the bylaws written by Pickles called them “a living document”. Though it has taken a long time to completely revise the bylaws Pickles wrote “we owe our members this

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