Live: Husting for Pendle JCR elections


10.49pm: A number of questions are asked of all three candidates.

10.43pm: The final student to run for President is Suzanne Kane who says that she organised the Christmas Ball this year. She also says she is keen to learn and thinks she will “come to grips with the role easily”. She reflects on how Pendle was one of the last colleges to be filled up and says “this won’t happen again”. She suggests having an office hour where students can come to her and approach her with ideas. Media and Comms is her current position so she has experience within the JCR. She aims to increase student satisfaction.

10.40pm: Crompton goes on to say he acknowledges there have been changes to many roles and he can adapt to the change of these roles. He wants to work on freshers week and involve international students. He also hopes to make practical changes such as putting a change machine in Pendle’s laundrette. He calls for “and open JCR and an accessible exec”.

10.36pm: The second candidate hoping to gain the position of Pendle JCR President is Sam Crompton, a first year student who says he has “ambition which matches and excels you own”. He wants to offer a platform for change. He says he visited LUSU President Robbie Pickles before running who said he was crazy! He suggests he understands the importance of Union Council and Press Council. He believes that Pendle has the funding to back everyone’s ambition. He base his plan around “community spirit”.

10.31pm: Treagus brings into question what he refers to as the “Pendle Pot” and money that has gone missing from it. He also expresses wishe to get everyone together to discuss better ways of selling tickets, particularly for Extrav. He wants to make his potential time as President a “beneficial, memorable and enjoyable experience”.

10.27pm: The final position is for JCR President. The first candidate is Ed Treagus. He was previously the LGBTQ Officer and Communications and is now a fourth year student going on to study as a postgrad next year. He says “I want to give something back”. He also suggests that he aims to get away from the clique of the JCR and close the gap between the exec and the college. He urges all students to “tell the exec what you’re thinking”.

10.24pm: Matt Jones is the second candidate to hust for this position. He is a second year Management student and says the highlight of his year last year was Extrav. He has done events before, such as his high school prom. He is currently the President of SIFE. He suggests that he is not a stranger to responsibility and has connections with SIFE which will be useful for organising bands. The new bar will make the party “central”. A number of questions are asked of the pair.

10.18pm: The penultimate position is for Events Co-Ordinator. This is firstly husted by Seetal Rupra, a first year student. Rupra focuses mainly on the organisation of this summer’s Extrav. She says she “wants everyone to get involved”. She was a sergeant in the training corps. She works for Skint Lancaster. She wants to make sure the music at Extrav is good, including “trance, dance and indeed dubstep”. She also says she is “open to change and suggestions”.

10.16pm: Clark goes on to say he would like to sort out the situation with the bike racks as there are not enough which negates cycling in in the first place. He wants to “work alongside the JCR”. The audience has no questions for Clark

10.12pm: The position of VP is only husted by one candidate, Richard Clark, who says he wants to “get more involved with Pendle”. He acknowledges that this position has changed and campaigns will be much more involved in his role. He says that he has many ideas for campaigns he can organise. He wants to initiate a campaign about sexual health as well as organising a “good food week”. This will involve healthy meals and a health festival, perhaps on a weekend. Finally, he says that he would like to start up a stress management campaign, as well as organising smaller campaigns such as sorting out the Pendle launderette by liasing with Facilities.

10.08pm: Leahey says he did work experience at the Ministry of Defence and is a team volunteer for SIFE. He is also captain of his golf club and therefore often organises events and is up to date with budgets and accounts. He says “I am your man”.

10.06pm: The final candidate to run for Treasurer is Tom Leahey, a first year student who is studying for a Business degree with a Accounts and Finance. He says you can “sleep tight knowing you money is in safe hands”. He also says that for this role you need to be of strong character and stand your ground. He is “responsible” and therefore he is fitting for the role.

9.54pm: Elliot Lloyd is the next student to hust for Treasurer. He is a second year Economics student who describes himself as “open”. He has experience as he does the accounts for a newsagents. He wants to initiate and open email account for suggestions regarding where you want your money spent. He also worked for William Hill so has a good understanding of money. “If I’m elected by you, I’ll work for you”.

9.48pm: The next position to be run for is for Treasurer. The first person to hust for this position is Sven Lenig. He is studying Economics and says that the role is important as it deals with accounts as well as him acting as a signatory and dealing with money. he has worked in an insurance company and at banks. He suggests that he has a solid background in maths and says that he can “reassure you that it’s money spent wisely”.

9.43pm: The students currently holding these positions ask the potentials a number of questions should they get the position.

9.38pm: Katie Philpott was the next candidate to run for the position. She says she is a Criminology student who hopes to go into social work or the rehabilitation of young people in the future. She was a sixth form peer mentor and says that “if anyone needs someone to talk to, I am always available to listen”.

9.30pm: There are two candidates running for the position of female Education and Welfare Officer. The first is a first year Law student called Ellie Hughes. She says that she is involved in Amnesty International, as well as the Law Society and a number of others. She mentions the Suffragettes and how they fought for women’s rights and that is why it is important to her to succeed in this role. She says she feels “passionately about the protection of female rights”. She describes herself as being able to offer “impartial, confidential and friendly advice”.

9.20pm: The next position is the male Education Welfare Officer. There is only one candidate running for this position. His name is Jack Williams. With regards to education, he says that he taught Maths to students in secondary school and had a number of council roles such as head boy. He also taught a karate class and organised and went to Peru for one month, where he helped in rejuvinating the village by painting houses etc. He helped the village raise $2000. When the audience were asked at the end, there were no questions for Williams.

9.14pm: It is announced that this position has been merged with Chair.

9.10pm: The next candidate is called Charlotte Wright and says that she wants to play a more active role. She suggests that she is “brilliant at organising” and has experience with admin. She wants to opportunity to voice her own opinion.

9.07pm: Shandley says he wants to make the election process better and work closely with the treasurer particularly when purchasing equipment.

9.00pm: General Secretary is the next position to be fought for. Jordan Shandley is the first to hust. He is a first year Politics and Economics student who “wants to be part of the way it’s run”. He says that he ran his sixth form elections and has key traits. He states that he is “organised, enthusiastic and reliable” and in the past has compiled minutes and is good with records.

8.50pm: The next candidate hoping for the position of EDI Officer is a foreign student who says he has lived in Belgium and India. He suggests that he understands students with different cultural backgrounds. He describes himself as a “resilient” person and suggests that the fact he is a Business Studies rep for his course will aid him in this role, as well as often helping at the Asian society. He says he wants to intergrate international students and “give them a sense of belonging”.

8.45pm: The next position to be husted is for Equality, Diversity and International, also known as EDI. This is a new position on the JCR. There are two positions available and two candidates who will be involved in hustings. Keith Bean, an American international student. He jokes with the audience about being American and having perfect skills such “diplomacy and foreign relations”.

8.35pm: Phillips gives the audience and insight into his background. He says he was Publicity Officer at Loughborough University when he spent a brief stint there. He was also involved in the magazine. He wants to set up a facebook page to encourage students to initiate a ‘Bant of the Week’.

8.30pm: Lewis Phillips is the next candidate who wants the position as Media and Communication Officer. He refers to himself as “Bant-Man” and emerges from the upstairs lobby of Pendle Bar to the Batman theme tune. He says he is a fresher from Lincoln.

8.18pm: The next next position to be up for hustings is Media and Communication Officer. There are two positions available for this role and two candidates involved in hustings. The first candidate who is introduced is Kate Henderson, a first year student. Henderson suggests that she is suitable for the role because she has appropriate experience and says it is “a job I will enjoy”. Henderson also states that she writes for the Pendle Witch and encourages Pendle students to blog.

8.14pm: Wants Pendle LGBTQ to take the lead in campaigning, with LUSU following Pendle’s lead.

8.13pm: Spence proposes introducing a Sexuality Officer who will be responsible for the majority of students, of all sexual orientations. This would include supporting students with issues such as preganancy, the distribution of condoms etc.

8.10pm: Spence suggests that in order to win the candidates must have the support of the sexual majority, despite the fact that he will not be supporting heterosexual students. This he suggests, means that there must be straight students voting for this position.

8.05pm: Pendle Elections begin. There is a good turnout from students; all seats have been occupied and there are students standing around the entire bar. The first candidate is Aaron Spence for the position as LGBTQ Officer. Spence is the only candidate standing for LGBTQ Officer.

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