Live: Husting for Cartmel JCR elections


10.42pm: A reminder about voting was made, and the husting drew to a close.

10.40pm: In terms of LUSU events, such as comedy night, how do they see it carrying on?

Rukhsar felt that he would want to ask for more events, as they can’t definitely fill the room.

Blakemore would “beat Matt Windsor until he let us keep it here”, and suggested perhaps a rotation around colleges for LUSU events.

10.37pm: The tradition of a close alignment with LUSU- how important is it to both candidates?

Blakemore feels that the relationship has always been a good thing, and she looks forward to continuing it.

Rukhsar thought he couldn’t run, as a fresher, even though it is a sabbatical paid position. He would like to work very closely with the union.

10.34pm: Have either of the candidates had ideas for the extrav shortlist?

Blakemore wants to move away from the musical theme, thinking of New York perhaps, but mentioned perhaps getting the students to suggest for the shortlist. So long as they are happy, she’d be happy.

Rukhsar said he had thought of maybe a Total Wipeout or Gladiators theme.

10.32pm: What do the candidates think is their favourite part of Cartmel?

Blakemore said that the fact that it feels like a home from home, the community aspect.

Rukhsar said that he couldn’t decide on a best thing.

What would they change about the college?

Rukhsar was adamant that the location would be the first thing he’d change. Blakemore deliberated, but settled on the bar design, knocking through the wall to expand the space.

10.30pm: What would the candidates change about this year’s JCR?

Rukhsar- more time to meet you. He didn’t feel that it was always easy to talk to the JCR.

Blakemore began by saying that the JCR exec had done a really good job, but possibly some officers wouldn’t be necessary in future, such as the webmaster. It might need streamlining with the publicity role.

10.27pm: How would you describe Cartmel to a stranger?
Blakemore- in the beginning it may have been a bit bland and boring, and we may not be the party one or the sporty one but who wants to be typecast? We’re a far cry from the boring college, we’re one of the leading colleges in the fees protests.

Rukhsar: We’re a family based college. In other colleges people don’t stay with their flats; we do.

10.24pm: They were then asked about their contacts within the college.

Rukhsar, having had accommodation problems, met a member of the SCR in sorting out it.

Blakemore had had more interaction with the SCR, having worked with them in freshers’ week.

10.24pm: They were then asked about the varied roles of the president in instilling spirit in the college.

Blakemore took the line that she would motivate people and would do her best to make sure that her team and her college all did their best.

Rukhsar mentioned that he would be tough, VNCing people who repeatedly have a laissez-fair attitude.

10.21pm: Questions were then posed to both candidates. They were asked if they understood how meetings and councils, as well as the president’s other commitments, work.

Rukhsar listed several experiences in volunteering in companies outside of university.

Blakemore listed her experiences sitting as an observer on Union Council and going to JCR meetings.

10.20pm: Individual questions were then posed to Blakemore. She was asked about her plans for Cartmel in the future. She said she wants to step up many of the inter-college events, perhaps a Patriots’ weekend.

10.20pm: Rukhsar was asked how he would work with LUSU, in particular with the fight against fee rises.

He answered that he would like to get involved, and that there needs to be a lot of solidarity, as many people cannot attend the organised protests, particularly those studying intensive science classes they cannot miss.

10.17pm: As a fresher, it was asked whether he fully understood the jump into year two and the demands the role will have on his time, and whether it would be an awful shock to him. He cited experience at events organisation and he also said that he’d be able to give up his summer, so he can spend a lot of time on it.

10.15pm: He was then asked about the VP, who he has said should get a larger role. Rukhsar reiterated that, saying that they should have their say for the winter ball and freshers’ week, though freshers’ week is technically under the VP remit anyway. Rukhsar reasoned that freshers’ don’t vote for their VP, and that the other members of the JCR should chip in for it, as his wasn’t very varied.

10.09pm: Individual questions for Rukhsar began. He was asked when he’d approached people to ask about the presidency. He listed several current members who he had asked about the role.

He then had his manifesto quoted at him- “Cartmel is shit”, and it also called into question the quality and seriousness of his campaign. The manifesto was posted on Facebook by a friend as a joke, but due to critical campaigning rules Rukhsar is held responsible for anything said in relation to his campaign.

10.07pm: Jasmine Blakemore cited her experience as a second year and as the current General Secretary of Cartmel JCR. She mentioned her hardworking and organised nature and outlined specific plans for the extrav in 2011. She also noted her experience in attending meetings and other areas of the students’ union and the college, including the Carter Shield. If elected she promised to work closely with the rest of the exec.

10.05pm: Candidate speeches for president start with Salman Rukhsar. Rukhsar noted that as a fresher he is inexperienced but he felt that he knew enough of what went into the role. He hinted at perhaps changing the JCRmakeup. “Change is good”, he said.

9.52pm: There is a five minute break while presidential candidates get a drink and prepare.

9.50pm: The candidates were asked about the relationship between the SCR and freshers’ week, namely their involvement in it. Dickinson said that other than a few things, she didn’t see much. Armes said probably fifty/fifty involvement of the SCR with freshers’ week. McGuire said that while you might not see them doing a lot, the SCR are incredibly heavily involved with effort and money for freshers’ week.

9.42pm: The candidates were asked about their relationship with the SCR and JCR. McGuire said that he has gotten to know several key members of the SCR and that it was a slow process, but that you get to know them through constant contact. Dickinson said that currently she had only met two of the SCR, but that she was confident she would be able to get to know them very quickly. Armes mentioned that he restarted his degree, being sent to Bowland college, and got to know a couple of members of the SCR as he met with them many times to be allowed back into Cartmel.

9.38pm: A pressure based question was asked- hypothetically, if a social was organised and the coaches failed to arrive, how would they deal with the situation. Armes said that he would do whatever it took to honour the arrangement, and that it wouldn’t be acceptable to go back on a promise. McGuire said he would do his best to organise an alternative but, if the only option was impractical, he would rearrange it but keep a level head and reorganise it. Dickinson echoed this, saying she would chase the company and demand an explanation for the problem as well.

9.34pm: The candidates were asked whether inter-college events should be consitutionalised. Dickinson said that it was possible, but that she didn’t feel it was the best way to go. McGuire said that certainly the sports events should be constitutionalised, and that other events should then be focussed on to bring to the same level. Armes said that he believed inter-college sports were the most important side of getting camaraderie going, but that it shouldn’t be made mandatory.

9.28pm: Competition within the college, having been done before consitutionally but failing, was highlighted- how would each candidate make it work if they suggested introducing it?

McGuire said it needed doing and he would work hard to make it happen, with publicity and a push towards it. Armes said that he felt it needed to be tried but he said that if it didn’t work, it didn’t work. Dickinson said that she didn’t feel that setting the college against itself wasn’t the best way to do it, rather concentrating on inter-college sports. If it did happen, Dickinson said it should be fun, not fiercely competitive, and that disproportionate blocks would have to be addressed.

9.25pm: The further duties of the VP, such as attending and chairing meetings, were raised to the candidates. Armes said that he had done his best to be told about the role. Dickinson, as part of the JCR already, said she knew what the roles were. McGuire said that “the JCR is a team, so everyone gets involved”, and said that he fully understood the other roles of the VP as well as expecting to do things not in the constitution, like attending pool matches and going above and beyond.

In terms of chairing meetings the candidates were warned about in depth knowledge of the college constitution and asked about chairing meetings. Dickinson said that she had organised discussions before, not officially chairing, and that there was no way she could find a constitution online. Armes admitted he had only read sections of the constitution but that he would read the whole thing, and that he had chaired many meetings as part of Debating Society. McGuire said he has experience of constitutions having rewritten the Karate Society constitution, and that he can manage chairing meetings having done so before.

9.22pm: International representatives, having been included in many college JCRs, were brought up as a topic. McGuire said personally he felt it was exclusive not inclusive, but that if the other colleges’ reps work well and if Cartmel students called for it then he would be willing to consider such an appointment. Dickinson also said that she felt it created more segregation than needed, but she wanted to be able to provide it should people want one. Armes said he would differ from the other candidates, but then repeated their opinions in a more emphatic manner, stating “it’s up to you guys”.

9.19pm: They were then asked about attending current movements and protests that represent opinions of the students. Armes said that he had not attended anything so far, but that was due to his personal political views and wouldn’t continue if he was expected to attend to represent the students he was elected by. McGuire said that he too would attend events, having attended protests in London and on campus, but he said that personally he thought that fees needed to stay in place, just not rise. Dickinson said that she had every intention of attending further protests for personal and elected representative reasons.

9.14pm: The demands on the candidates’ time over the summer break were raised, and the question of whether they could sacrifice the time needed to set up freshers’ week etc would be given. Dickinson said that she could easily fit it around her summer work and that she liked to be busy. McGuire mentioned that he had a flexible job and an early holiday so it wouldn’t be a problem for him. Armes said he isn’t working over the summer, and that he would sacrifice nights out and trips to give the role his time.

9.12pm: Questions for all candidates were posed. The candidates were asked about the positions on the JCR and in the Union, and whether the changes within the JCR were good things. McGuire mentioned that the General Secretary role in particular had “streamlined” the JCR and that the JCR was now fine. Armes said that he felt unless the JCR was clamouring for changes then it was fine. Dickinson said that she would echo the other candidates, and that she couldn’t see how it would be streamlined more.

9.10pm: Armes was asked about the Winter Ball, the welfare and education sides of his role. The current JCR had some confusion as to whether the VP is responsible for welfare or education, but the questioner maintained Armes hadn’t mentioned either. Armes brought his experience of being a course rep who “changed the department’s mind” forward as a reply to this.

9.05pm: Armes said that he didn’t believe it impossible to get all the VPs together to plan events, and said that he would “from day one begin planning freshers’ week.” His duties to Debating Society were questioned, as to whether he would be able to give the time to the VP role. He said that as he was finishing his role in Week Ten he would have the time.

9.02pm: Armes was questioned over his hust as he sounded as though he “was basically running for social sec”. He was questioned whether he had a large understanding of the rest of the VP’s duties. He answered that the college spirit through a social aspect was core to the college as a whole, with freshers’ week being the core in which the relationships of the college are set up.

9.00pm: A question about the officer sey up was shut down as LUSU is technically a charity and so the set up could not be changed.

8.58pm: McGuire was quizzed extensively on his use of kitchen reps, to instil the college spirit and whether or not they should have that status all year. McGuire said that it should only be mandatory for a rep to be so for the week, and that they shouldn’t be forced to continue over the year. He acknowledged that many reps extend it themselves anyway, but it shouldn’t be forced.

8.56pm: McGuire was asked why he changed his mind to run for VP rather than President. He said it was simply because he noticed that VP wasn’t set to be filled and that for the college to work there would need to be a VP. “It might not be as glorious a position” he acknowledged, but he said that Cartmel had to work, and so he ran for VP.

8.54pm: McGuire was asked about his experience as he had not been part of Academic Council, which he said could only help, but he did say that he had sat on other councils, attended meetings for other bodies. He also said that his desire to be elected came from the fact that he had always been involved.

8.52pm: Dickinson began fielding individual questions for herself. She was asked about her role as supporting students, which she said she would do to her utmost and be there for anybody.

8.50pm: The candidates for vice president have begun their speeches. Charlotte Dickinson cited her experience dealing with staff as head girl at secondary school, which she feels will translate to the role of VP. Danny McGuire focussed on freshers’ week, saying that Cartmel had a great freshers’ week this year and that the college spirit needs to be used. Even block rivalry and competitiveness, as McGuire called “Cartmel banter”, needed to be highlighted, getting the college going by getting the freshers’ reps to instil college spirit.
Jake Armes dictated that he had three campaign pledges. He said that there is always room for improvement, and suggested “banter” being facilitated by a VP meeting to synchronise socials and other events. He said he wanted to hear from all Cartmel students, to get feedback on the college. He also wants to do more to facilitate students who want to enjoy the college without being forced to drink.

8.40pm: The lack of attendance and the lack of contested positions was highlighted to Walker, and he was asked what he would do about encouraging attendance and involvement. He suggested highlighting the benefits of being part of the college and JCR to get more students involved.

8.38pm: The candidates for General Secretary are to h

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