University finances


University finances

“Staff are always too preoccupied with research to invest time in students which is irritating as it’s our so called ‘tuition’ fees that pay for it. [They] spend too much on the Management School; it may be a good school but the other departments shouldn’t be ignored. Charging the new fees would be daylight robbery, the tuition is not worth what we pay now never mind double or triple.”

Psychology Undergraduate

“The most visible investment seems to be in the building work and rejuvenation projects. Whilst [this is] commendable I would give all the town houses back if it meant skimping on investment in education resources, excellent faculties and services designed to increase access to resources for students.”

Politics and International Relations Undergraduate

“The closure of the Nurses’ Unit and the SLDC has meant that students have been left without the support they need and so money should be re-invested in these areas. The University should look to re-investing money into support for students as well as individual departments.”

Politics Undergraduate

“I think that the SLDC closing is very negative. I know of a few people who have used this service and I think if it was underused, it was because it was not publicised well enough. The counselling service needs more investment. Emailing you to say that you are on a waiting list a week after you have asked for an appointment is not helpful.”

History Undergraduate

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