Internet dating, too young, too soon?


Why since the spread of the internet are people searching the web to find love?  Even if it’s not love, maybe just a fling or for some people a friendship. With technology so vastly available a new form of dating is open to all. But how young is too young? What happened to good old fashioned romance?

Over the past week I have signed myself up to several sites such as Zoosk and all in the name of journalism and intrigue. However, I must admit that creating my own working profile was quite enjoyable. I was faced with having to answer endless questions about myself and had to reflect upon who I am and what I wanted out of life, all so they could mathematically work out my Mr Perfect through compatibility.

Finally, the moment had arrived, I was ready to start my love story.  With endless amounts of people online aging from 18 all the way up to their 90s there are thousands of suitable suitors for all. If I am being honest, however, none really caught my eye. Maybe I’ve realised I’m just a little fussy when it comes to the opposite sex. Saying this, by the end of the day my luck was in. I gained seven profile views and one wink, lucky me! By 11pm I had attracted interest from a male from Blackburn who emailed me his number and suggested that I contact him.  As nice as it was to gain some interest, I am not going to lie, it did scare me slightly. Even as a mature young adult it still felt as if there was something wrong and that I shouldn’t be looking online for love.

 In the media we are constantly warned and bombarded with stories of people who have been talking to con artists who create fake profiles to communicate with love interests. That seems a large price to pay aside from the £30 a month joining fee. However, there are many people who have found true love from online dating, but maybe this is the option for the more mature singleton who is perhaps separated and is struggling to meet people? According to a 2008 singles survey by a leading matchmaking service UK singles aged between 30 and 40 are apparently the fastest growing group of online daters.  Not us teens and twenty some things who are constantly surrounded by people our age. Surely it should unquestionably be a last resort and not a first look for romance?

Aside from my scepticism I must admit this online dating is a little addictive. I found myself checking my profile several times daily to see if another loner in love had checked me out or sent me an inbox message. However, I still feel too young to be in the online dating world, never mind the 18 year olds and maybe even younger people who are taking part in the process. On the other hand, I know that for many people looking for a partner this way has worked perfectly, but at my age I don’t think I am ready for this way of finding love. Maybe when I’m getting old and I’m still single I might think differently, but for now I am quite happy waiting for love the old fashioned way, even if it is whilst a bit tipsy in Sugar. I am only 21 after all.

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