How to beat the mid-term itch


It’s getting to that time in the academic year when all the parties have long gone and we’re still only half way through the term before we can enjoy the Easter break. You were probably greeted by Lent term with numerous deadlines and if your course is anything like mine then new coursework titles have already been issued, which is always great. The start of a new year should be an exciting time except we are plagued with miserable weather, student loans are diminishing and workloads and deadlines just keep on mounting up. But do not despair,  here are ways to beat the mid-term itch and get you focused again on your degree, after all that is what you are here for.

Your first priority is to manage your workload. We’ve all been a fresher where going out four times a week is acceptable and sleeping until noon is the norm. Now it’s second term and exams are fast approaching it is time to structure your day. Get up at a decent hour, make some appearance in the library or learning zone and devise your time accordingly so you’re not pulling all-nighters at the last minute. Time management is key and if you keep on top of your work then a cheeky extra night out to The Carleton will never be a letdown. Give yourself some goals by having a productive week and make sure you reward yourself. Yes, students are usually represented as binge-drinking, tax-dodging youngsters, but we all know how hard we work and we definitely can all appreciate a fun day out and a night on the tiles to de-stress, so make sure you get it.

Now I’m sure when you’re stressed and your tutors are handing out more work, deadlines and readings you probably sit and ask yourself, why? Is it all worth it? But remember why you’re here in the first place and keep focused on the degree you will get at the end of it all. If you manage your course in sections you can appreciate what you are learning again and recognise the resources you have available to you being a student here at Lancaster. By taking your time with your work you will be well prepared for your exams and may even realise that the lecturer’s here do in fact have some very interesting things to tell you.

Try and make sure you make the most out of every opportunity. If you have group meetings then why not grab a coffee as you go. It is a great way to get to know your fellow students better and have a natter without rushing through everything. If you spend a day in the library then don’t forget to take plenty of breaks, there is only so much of that place one person can stand. Meet friends for lunch on campus or have a tea break. Whatever you do, make sure you have some time to relax and de-stress and I can guarantee you will return to work feeling re-energized and ready to tackle it again. If you have a productive day, you won’t feel guilty going out at night or even just relaxing in front of the T.V, but more importantly you will slowly be making your way through your mountain of work.

It may be mid-term, but keep the energy up. Keep enjoying your time here in Lancaster both in and out of the University. Make the most of everything, because believe me, your time here will fly by.

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