Collegiate Chic: Tips for the Preppy Style


Gone are the days where tailoring is for boys, and workwear for work. A way to dress classy, if off-duty is not your thing, is to incorporate items of workwear into your daily looks. You don’t have to have a cooperate job, being a university student is apt enough for a more preppy wardrobe. This term, we’re going to give you all the tips necessary for how to dress more industry-appropriate. Great practice for careers post-university.


Go for alternative shirts to give your wardrobe some life, and tie ribbons around the collars for interest that is still girly. A bodysuit under a shirt, whether sheer or not (your choice), can add a little edge and show your serious style.


Choose pieces in morale-boosting hues; purples, pinks, yellows and oranges should do the trick. These colours look super cute when they’re knitwear and can be reworked so many ways to adhere to a variety of trends.


Mini-skirts are the way forward with this style, patterned or leather will look super à la mode and make sure they’ve got metallic zips on show for added edge. Or, if you don’t believe you have the pins, then a midi skirt can look uber-groovy. Paired with trainers, a shirt and layered with a sweatshirt, you’re on your way to collegiate chic.


Cigarette pants are a top tailored piece for a workwear wardrobe. They will cinch you in at the waist, and just look fabulous with a cropped jacket, and a turtleneck.


Metallic shoes with give your preppy style some oomph, a bit of ooh-la-la to get you through the day. Or, a stylish pair of brogues will tick the right box.


Think big with your jewellery by going for big earrings that will get all the attention you could ever dream of. Rings are also important, so stack them and get down to business.


Keep your makeup simple, but opt for strong brows and a bold lip, for a maximum, bad-ass impact.

Hopefully you’ll have noted down these tips, or highlighted your copy of SCAN by now. These worthwhile tips will help you dress super preppy for the rest of the term. Don’t forget to share your looks with us using the hashtag #scanstyle on Instagram @scanfash and Twitter @SCANFashion.

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