Coping with the distance


So you’ve moved to university and have left your boyfriend/girlfriend at home or they have also flown the next to a place far, far away. After deciding to stay together you find yourself entered into the dreaded long distance relationship. But before you start worrying that it will never work or you find yourself screaming at the next person that explains that ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’, take comfort in the fact that it many couples have survived and come out the other side and by following these simple tips so can you.


Of course, keeping in regular contact with your partner is crucial for any relationship to work, but there is always the temptation to spend hours every night on the phone to one another in the attempt to stay close, when in fact this could have the opposite effect. Talking too often can sometimes leave couples with very little to say to one another, leaving space for awkward silences and even petty arguments, which could ultimately leave you feeling distant. Instead arrange a day or two a week for catch up phone calls, this way you will find yourselves with plenty to talk about and something to look forward to.


Trust is what makes the world of relationships go round, and is vital for the foundations of any relationship. If there are trust issues already then the relationship will, purely and simply, not work. Naturally, being away from your partner will mean that you are no longer aware of where each other are, or what the other person is doing, possible leading to worry and suspicion. The key thing here is to be able to fully trust your partner and let them live their day to day life without letting any doubts or irrational concerns take over. The clingy, jealous look is just not attractive.


No matter what else you’ve got going on, make sure that you and your partner find the time to arranging regular visits, and if possible visit each other at both of your places of residence. This allows you to integrate each other into your new lives, meet any new friends and see what the other person does whilst you apart, which is crucial for staying close. As well as introducing your partner to your new world, make sure you set aside plenty of time to be alone and intimate. No doubt not seeing each other for a while will leave passions running high and it will be important to catch up and spend quality time together.

Surviving several years with your partner in a long distance relationship is all about putting in that extra little bit of effort together and no matter how difficult you find it, keep reminding yourself of why your in the relationship in the first place, surround yourself with good friends and keep busy at university, all of which will help you stay positive.

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