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Christmas is fast approaching. Your shopping is either well under way or you may still be struggling with what to buy or even scrounging the last few pennies of your loan in order to buy them.  Whatever stage you are at, it is important to keep in mind the numerous gifts and cards available that also support a charity. Christmas is a time of giving and what better way to treat your special someone as well as supporting cancer research, homeless shelters or whatever charity is close to your heart.

Christmas cards are a great tradition. A quick way to spread Christmas joy and make a lot of people feel loved. With so many to chose from, it can become more of a chore than a pleasure to buy, but keep an eye out for card manufactures who donate a chunk of the cost to Charity and your good deed will be done for the day. Cards for Good Causes are a great company to purchase your cards online where at least 75p of every £1 goes to the charity of your choice.  They have a wide selection of numerous designs and you can keep it personal to you too.

Hallmark is another great company who support cancer research and offer 18 different packs of cards to chose from your high street stores.  Each pack contains 10 cards and costs £3.50, where 40p shall be donated straight to the charity. As I’m sure you will agree this is an extremely worthwhile cause to be supported in order to help the millions of people affected every day.

 The list does not stop there. There are numerous department stores selling products that donate straight to the charity themselves. Asda and Debenhams are both promoting Tickled Pink, a range of products designed especially for breast cancer research. Some items to look out for include bags, jewellery, t-shirts and underwear. So, make sure you get them on your Christmas wish list this year as well as treating your nearest and dearest.  There are so many items to choose from which are all stylish and part of a great cause. 

If you are looking for a more unusual gift this year, then look no further. Oxfam Unwrapped offer a unique service where your present is a gift to someone in a less fortunate position than ourselves. For example, you could feed a family for £7 or even send five bags of seeds for £10 for the local farmers in order to boost their self-sufficiency and grow their own crops.  The list is endless and it definitely makes your present stand out from the rest. You can receive a fridge magnet and card in order for you recipient to know just where the money has gone on their behalf.

 Christmas is an exciting time of year. With a break from University, many social events happening and enough roast turkey and mulled wine to last a lifetime. However, let’s not forget those less fortunate than us. When you are out buying your Christmas presents, have a look at those on offer and see if you can help make a difference.

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