There’s no day like a snow day


Original Lace Hunter Wellington £60 from Hunter Online

Yes, we’re getting snow earlier and earlier as the years and global warming progress.  Unfortunately, for those pro-snow in Lancaster, it’s not a very snowy city due in some part to our proximity to the seaside winds of Morecambe Bay. However, despite Morecambe’s attempts to ruin this little quirk of nature for us (much like it ruins a Thursday morning, post-Carleton), we’ve seen a generous sprinkling of the white stuff already this winter and eventually, we’ll have enough to make a snowman out of.

But, snow days have the propensity to bring out the worst of our wardrobes. We dispense of fashion thinking, instead looking to the back of the closet for our thickest, most unfashionably functional clothes. Team this up with our nation’s penchant for comedy hats and we have a problem. It was fine back when we had one playful morning of snow a year, but now, the white menace is holding us hostage throughout the winter months, making snow gear an essential component of our seasonal look.

With christmas approaching, and winter accessories being a favourite stocking filler since cold weather began, now is the time to identify the trends to keep ourselves looking cool in the snow.

Much of the fashion of gloves, scarves and hats seems only to be the leftovers of that season’s knitwear trends, but it’s fortunate for us this year that such a variety of woollen goods are en vogue. Fairisle patterns have proven themselves a geek-chic triumph on the high street this winter, so it is no surprise to see the design all over knitted accessories.  This one comes with a warning though: one fairisle piece per outfit.  If not, the clash of colour and pattern is going to be the next biggest contribution to road traffic accidents after icy roads. A trend that can be worn in multiples and still keep a fluid look is cable knit. The thick rope knit design will keep you toasty no matter the weather, whilst being one of the season’s coolest textures.

But, don’t feel limited to expressing yourself solely through the medium of wool. When layering up for the sub-zero temperatures, remember that texture is key. Too much knit and you run the risk of looking like you’ve been dragged through a haberdasher’s backwards.  Experiment with other key textures like fur and leather. Remember camel is a key colour this winter, and when teamed with a thick fur lining makes these accessories perfect for warding off frostbite.

A common problem with snow is appropriate footwear and as Britain’s weather progresses further into everlasting winter, it’s an issue that needs to be addressed. The name in weatherproof feet meets fashion is Hunter. They design stylish wellington boots, having even collaborated with shoe guru Jimmy Choo. Buying directly from the Hunter website is likely to take a chunk out of your wallet, but there are alternatives sources for these killer wellies. Keep an eye out on eBay and Amazon online, and TK Maxx in town for slashed price Hunters.

Check out some of my favourite winter picks, below.

Yellow Jaquard Snood Scarf £14 from Topman

Faux-Fur Collar scarf £11.99 from New Look


Cream Cable Knitted Mitten £16 from Topman
Cable Knit Bobble Hat £6.99 from New Look


Brown Fur Trapper £19.99 from River Island
Camel Fingerless Borg Gloves £16 from Topshop
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