A guy’s perspective: Top 5 Christmas gifts for him


If you’re wondering what to get a man for Christmas this year then look no further than this amazing, guide.

…Well, actually, it’s just a top five of suggestions…

In no particular order:

5. A good book: a nice book, bought with consideration to one’s tastes can be a handsome gesture to us men. It shows thought and can be personal, while also suggesting that we are in some way intellectual. Although, at the same time, something along the lines of – football trivia or the best pub banter can also be very pleasing, especially to relax into after that big Christmas dinner. Who doesn’t want to spend an hour or two on Christmas Day reading about the ‘Dumbest Things Ever Said’ or ‘1000 Most Popular Pub Quiz Questions’?

4. Video-games and DVDs: while video-games such as Fifa and Football Manager are particularly addictive, they are usually very much appreciated by men. Having grown out of playing with action figures (hopefully) we can still enjoy hours of play on the new Call of Duty: Black Ops and feel nearly adult. In terms of DVDs, probably top of the list for most men this Christmas is Inception. Although possibly a bigger result would be a DVD collection of one of his favourite film trilogies or a box-set of the favourite TV show.

3. Tickets to a sports event or concert: nothing will put a bigger smile on the face of a man than tickets to see his favourite sports team or band play live. They are also something to look forward to which just extends the Christmas joy beyond the initial day.

2. After-shave: you cannot go wrong if you buy a man a bottle of after-shave. It doesn’t even matter what sort because most like to collect them to display on a shelf, but they will always be appreciated. They’re also good because they come in a wide range of prices and different shapes and colours. This is probably the safest bet for buying a man a Christmas present he will definitely use… eventually.

1. Electronics and gadgets: Most men love gadgets because they’re shiny, look high-tech, even if they’re not, and can make mundane tasks really funny. Particular favourites found when scouring the internet were a Chain-Saw Pizza-Cutter and a Musketeer Barbeque Sword (both for under £15). Little gadgets are great because there is so many of them out there, and the funnier the better. More high-tech and expensive electronics which are predicted to do well this Christmas are (obviously) the Apple iPad, Microsoft’s Kinect for the Xbox 360 and the PS3’s Playstation Move.

Happy shopping!

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