Lancaster fashion without the designer price tag


Retro, vintage and alternative fashion is something that, by nature never really goes out of fashion, at least not in certain niches of the community. It is a wide and varied area of fashion and of culture that is embraced, loved and sought after by people from various backgrounds.

When I arrived in Lancaster as a fresher it took me a while to find anywhere that sold the types of clothing and items that I loved but once I found it there was one place that I fell in love with for its variety. For those who love anything that’s quirky or from the past then there’s only one place to be in Lancaster and that’s ‘The Assembly Rooms’. Situated on King’s Street next to ‘The Crow’s Nest’ motel and is located near Waterstones. The Assembly Rooms building was built during the 18th Century and was originally one of Lancaster’s premier venues. It holds many stalls and small shops dedicated to vintage, retro and alternative fashion along with antiques and oddities from taxidermy animals to black and white photographs. There is even a cafe if you fancy a drink, or need time to decide what to buy or reflect on purchases you’ve just made.

Some of the stalls include, ‘Hazel’s Antique & Vintage Clothes’ which has lots of clothes, hats and jewellery for sale as well as hire. It is also home to ‘Bab’s Antiques’ which isn’t focused on the fashion but collectables like postcards and band memorabilia. It’s not just me who has fallen in love with The Assembly Rooms but other Lancaster students, “the Assembly Rooms is a unique building where you can find great vintage clothes and accessories. It is also great for fancy dress and you can get a great bargain.”

The Assembly Rooms is open for business Tuesday to Saturday, if you love clothes and accessories and are a fashion conscious citizen but don’t want the designer price tag then this is definately the place to shop. Also, with Lancaster being so cold and wet this time of year, there’s plenty of warm faux-fur coats and interesting scarves, gloves, boots and other items to help keep you warm this winter.

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