Tuition fees to rise

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I cannot believe that Lancaster University is planning to set tuition fees at £9,000 per year. Currently, I do not believe we are getting value for money when fees are costing £3,000, and it is most certainly not worth the amount of money the University are proposing.

Are the degree certificates going to be gold plaited and jewel incrusted, because otherwise I don’t think it’s good enough.


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  1. I think the only way that £9000 a year could ever be justified (by most universities, not just Lancaster) is if standard 3 year degrees were shortened to 2 years with more intensive teaching timetables and far more contact hours than we currently get. I could do my degree easily in 2 years with more contact time and on-the-go assessments, for example.

    £3300 or whatever it is right now that we’re paying doesn’t seem justified to me considering the fact that I only get 6 hours a week contact time with the teaching staff.

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