Lancaster needs £9,000


Dear Anon,

I was surprised to read that you can’t believe Lancaster is considering charging £9,000 fees once they rise 2012.

I am personally not at all surprised by this consideration. I can understand Lancaster does have a long way to go for student satisfaction and value for money, but I ’m sure this is the same at most other institutes in the country.

Indeed, I would expect Lancaster to charge £9,000 fees. By charging less than the likes of Durham, Oxford and Cambridge, Lancaster
will only make itself unable to compete with those universities and fall back down the league tables.

With the government cuts coming in alongside the increase in fees, universities are going to need all the money they can to remain at their current standards for research and education.

I’m not saying the rise is right, I just don’t understand how anyone can expect one university to resist change when it will only put itself in a worse position.

Harriet Murdoch
Furness College

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