Game day is coming


The last two weeks have seen the culmination of our sports leagues in all formats and as a result I would like to congratulate all the competitors at either a university or college level on a long hard season. In our college leagues it has been ridiculously close and arguably better than last year as a result. Of course it is brilliant to see teams like last year who ran away with the leagues in some sense but by seeing new colleges winning and the favourites at the start of the season struggling it has brought a whole new edge to the fantastic college leagues we have.

In the Football leagues, Lonsdale As have been brilliant this season and fully deserve their league title, missing out on the double with a close loss to Cartmel As in the semi-final of the cup- they can still be very proud of a first league in five years. With regards to the Inter College Football Cup, it has been brilliant this year, with captains organising their teams and helping them realise that A or B is an irrelevant title in a cup- the match is there to be won and Pendle and Cartmel will put on a great show for the final I’m sure.

Netball was once again extremely close but Fylde were successful once again after being pushed all the way by a very strong Furness team this year. In the Bs, the league is still to be finished but is extremely close at the top between three colleges so it should be a fantastic end to the league once that is all completed.

But the closest competition by far this year has been the George Wyatt with rivals Bowland and Lonsdale fighting it out for the top spot, at one point this week the lead changed hands a number of times when different score cards were entered into the system. This one will definitely come down to the smallest of margins but whoever wins, it will definitely be well earned.

Overall I would just like to express my thanks to everyone who has competed, supported or umpired any games this year, your contribution has been fantastic and to see even more sport taking place across campus is something I really enjoy seeing, so thank you to you all.

Now however there is the slight issue of winning a certain tournament in May now. I won’t give a big rallying speech now, that was done at the Roses Rally last Monday – but keep your eyes peeled, it’s coming.

Have a great Easter break everyone, rest up, and train hard. Because when you come back – it’s game day just one more time.


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