Mystic Macleod — March 29, 2011



Mar 21-Apr 19

Venus has flung herself into the burning core of the sun, implying that you must embrace a new skill over the holidays! It’s the perfect time to pick up a musical instrument or learn to cook. Or watch Disney films and get hideously drunk.


Apr 20-May 21

You may have thought killing two birds with one stone was a good thing, until you do exactly that when skimming pebbles into Lake Carter. Two ducks will never see the sunrise over Lancaster again thanks to you, jerk.


May 22-Jun 20

Keep away from vending machines this week, as they will refuse to trade fairly with you Gemini leaving you hungry, money-less and enraged. Get your own back by stuffing its slot with monopoly money and pogs. Remember pogs?


Jun 21-Jul 22

After using three packs of pro plus over two all-nighters and a partridge in a pear tree, you’ll be tripping out and tripping over as you attempt you bodge your way through life, your brain mashed beyond comprehension. Silly Cancer.


Jul 23-Aug 22

Tired and strung-out from seeing your lad from home only every other weekend, you will reach the end of your tether. The sight of other couples being happy will send you into a wild tirade. Shout louder, Leo! Diminish their love!


Aug 23-Sep 22

A cataclysmic error of judgement will leave you with a sunburnt face after failing to take accurate weather readings before leaving the house. Remember the handout-window method: 60% of the time it works every time.


Sep 23-Oct 22

Motivated by the prospect of party-harty times, you’re storming through your workload like a trouper. However, a weighty pile of literature will have your vertebrae out of joint and into a neck-brace before you can say five shots of sambuca.


Oct 23-Nov 21

It is predicted you will neglect your family obligations and return home on Mothers Day with nothing but a bag of dirty washing and an ugly hangover. Four week of awkward silence await you, Scorpio for neglecting your JLS calendar.


Nov 22-Dec 21

A one-off performance at Campus Festival has earned you campus-wide fame. “Look!” the crowds avidly whisper, “the one with the cello!”. Yes that’s right, you’ve earned your recognition; today master of the bow, tomorrow master of the world.


Dec 22-Jan 20

In all the end of term madness you will leave packing as last minute as your essays. Upon return to the nest you’ll discover that your drunk self believes you only require t-shirts, three shoes and your desk lamp.


Jan 21-Feb 17

Safely residing on an upper floor, you’ll leave your window open over Easter to air out your foul student hovel. However in your absence a flock of geese will take residence in your bed and raise their young.


Feb 18-Mar 20

Those juicy nectarines you bought at the start of term and hid at the back of your cupboard, away from raccoons, have gone as mouldy as the day is long. You spent good money on those nectarines; eat them out of sheer economic sense.

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