Return of the Mac

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If April’s showers weren’t enough to convince you of the fickleness of Lancastrian weather, just wait until the summer really begins.

These next 10 weeks will alternate freely between a scorching white heat that makes exam halls uninhabitable and rain of biblical proportions.  The up-shot is you’re going to get caught out every now and again; sweating under your heavy coat or walking around in sodden sandals.

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But, there is one trend on the horizon which is looking to offer a little relief from the uncertainty of the summer months.  Summertime jackets may seem just a necessary evil, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock your look come rain or shine.  The plastic mac, last seen on a year six field trip to the Lake District, is the perfect combination of versatile utility wear and fashion forwardness.

The style of 2011’s mackintosh is longer than usual, with a desired length of between the lower half of the thigh and the knee.  This may seem larger and less lightweight than is normal for a mac, but the cut, a kind of crossbreed with a parka, is vital to the manifestation of the trend.

It all hinges on this summer’s trend for shorts.  For both the lads and the ladies, a loose cut of short above the knee is the order of the season, which creates an interesting dynamic with the length of the plastic mac as it falls on the leg.  They should break at a similar point, with the mac an inch or two higher up the leg.  This will put more emphasis on the bare leg, retaining the summery aspect of the outfit while still being practical for those less than brilliantly sunny days.

To maximise the effect, team your mac and shorts combo up with the sockless shoe of your choice.  For the girls, the brogue is ever more popular or you could get your geek-chic on with a pair of tasselled loafers?  For the boys, Vans Original style pumps are the summer’s must have, but for a less casual shoe, a low breaking desert boot is a match made in heaven for your shorts to claim a more sophisticated look.

To get the real field trip feel, stick to authentic yet faded mac colours; green, grey and navy are always in fashion with summer’s perpetual nautical trend.  Alternatively, find a bright colour that clashes with your festival wellies, after all, clashing is dashing.

In a Nutshell

Plastic Mac Attack – A longer cut mac is the perfect just in case summer jacket; your winter coat won’t roll up and fit in your pocket.

Bare Legs – Aim for a similar point of break with your mackintosh and your shorts.  Your legs will only have that natural tan for a short time of the year, so make sure they get noticed.

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