Get into gear for Graduation Day

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The academic year is drawing to an end and the real world has come a knocking for all third years out there. But before we all journey off in our different directions we have a degree to get our hands on first and a graduation ceremony to attend. So as well as figuring out what to do with the rest of our lives, we now have the added mission of finding a pair of shoes to wear which won’t cause a face plant situation on stage or create a wardrobe malfunction which will have you labelled as the graduation flasher for the rest of your life.

You may be from the “I’m wearing a gown so who cares what happens underneath it” school of thought, but, trust me, it matters. Photos from your graduation day will be a part of your life forever and are most likely to appear in some horrendous photo frame for all house visitors to ogle at. I can guarantee that my graduation photo will be taking pride of place at my Grandma’s house next to my year three gap-toothed self and my GCSE result’s day clipping from the local newspaper, so making sure that you look and feel great should be given a lot of time and thought.

Firstly, be modest and don’t show too much skin. Let’s rule out low cut or strapless tops, short skirts and, I hope this goes without saying, no going naked. Treat your graduation gown as a jacket. This will prevent any embarrassing moments should the wind join us, which let’s face it, in Lancaster; the odds are pretty high on this one. Graduation is a formal event and so don’t wear anything that would invite enquiries as to the location of the rest of the outfit. Treat the occasion and your choice of clothing as you would for a wedding, however, in this instance, it is you and your degree heading off for a new life together.

Graduates are required to wear mortar boards and black gowns which are big enough to use as a coat for a car in winter. However, this day of celebration (hopefully) is held in the summer time when shops are filled with an array of options to inject a little colour into your outfit. Girls, stay clear of busy prints and go for block colours which are in keeping with current trends. Make sure you don’t overload with colour though, keep it simple and sophisticated. For footwear, wedges, pumps or wide heeled shoes would be a wise choice. Also, make sure the shoes have straps, even pumps, to minimise any tripping potential. Sadly, boys, there is a lot more scope for girls. A full suit is not necessary and may cause overheating when combined with your graduation gown. However, smart trousers, a shirt and a tie are expected.

However, let’s not forget that graduation is all about our new independence, celebrating what we’ve achieved and getting ready to strike out on your own, so why not mark the beginning of this exciting new journey in style. Good Luck to the Class of 2011.

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