Conceded points secures victory for York’s Judo team


Lancaster University’s Judo team battled it out against York to draw 2-2. However, York profited from Lancaster’s failure to send any female competitors to the Roses competition in the women’s under 57kg weight category and the women’s over 57kg weight category automatically earning York two points before the competition had even begun. The final score was 4-2 to York.

Lancaster started off strong with Lancaster’s Matthew Buckland defeating York’s James Talbot in the under 73kg weight category. A string of attacks meant that Buckland dominated the fight making it a clear victory for Lancaster and claiming one point in less than two minutes.

In the next two fights, York fought back. Chris Lau from York defeated Lancaster’s Ollie Fitton in the under 81kg weight category. In the under 90kg weight category, Jonathan Coe from York brought York into the lead for the first time in the Judo competition defeating Lancaster’s Sean Easby making the score 2-1 to York.

The final fight was in the over 90kg weight category with York’s Seth Chen proving no match for Lancaster’s Julian Kossinov winning the fight convincingly. York was then awarded the two points from the female fights which could not take place due to a lack of competitors from the Lancaster side. The final score York 4 Lancaster 2.

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