Spirited performance fails to pay off as men’s Badminton 2nds lose


Lancaster were unable to take the lead in the men’s seconds Badminton, losing 7-2.

Each pair showed excellent play throughout with Lancaster proving to be both determined and competitive. However York were just as feisty, allowing them to win the majority of the matches.

After the first three sets, York were winning 2-1. Throughout the first two games, Lancaster were unable to take control with York winning both sets outright. However Ashley Jones and James Lancaster won their first game, winning both sets 21-17 and 21-19 respectively and securing Lancaster with their first point. This raised the team’s spirits with all to play for in the next set of matches; however, York dominated throughout, winning all three games and securing the four points for the White Rose. Mark Eden and Peter Tovee managed to win one set in their match; however York quickly regained their winning streak in the final set, ending 21-13.

With just pride left to play for, Lancaster continued their excellent play and encouragement within the team with Eden and Tovee managing to secure Lancaster another point from their final game. Jonny Holland and Alex Butt managed to win their first set of their final game, giving Lancaster hope for another point; however York dominated the last two sets, taking the score to 6-2. Lancaster showed excellent team spirit and morale throughout, but with the York supporters mounting, it really did show the benefits of being on home turf.

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