Lancaster win at women’s 1st Darts

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Entering the heart of the York enclave just as a massive cheer erupts from the crowd is an exhilarating sensation. The only thing that could top it would be savouring some of the fantastic nicknames on offer!

In the first set of the competition Emily “The Norwegian” Bryson of Lancaster went up against “The Welsh Dragon” of the York team. It was a tight first leg, Bryson getting to 10 remaining, but found the required double-five quite elusive, until the last second, winning the first leg. However, the dragon spat fire, and York pulled ahead, winning the second and third leg, to bring the score to 1-0, after a tense set of throws.

At a slight disadvantage, Camilla “Storm” Stormo of Lancaster faced off against Hannah “Hudders” Field of York. The supporters began to come thick and fast by this point, and in-between heckling from both sides, the tension mounted as both sides struggled to finish with three, then two apiece. However, Stormo took the first leg, and after a decisive set of darts, wins the set, bringing the score up even.

Set three was contested by Emily Delany of Lancaster versus Becky Padget of York, as the crowd begin to warm into the chanting. Cries of “slaying it” can be heard as Delany wins the first leg, but Padget came fighting back, to bring York their second set victory.

However, something ‘Amberlievable’ occurred, that being Amber Leigh of Lancaster, who threw against Aimee Clarke of York. Although Clarke was good, there was no denying some fantastic throwing from Leigh, who kept a high score, going above 100 in a single throw, and reaching the sixties regularly, netting Lancaster their next win.

With the score at 2-2, Liz Rising of Lancaster went against Emma Davies, who first threw a 101, then a 121 score, to make a massive leap, which Rising caught up with. With both needing two, York got their first leg, following up with a second after another tense close-leg.

Having edged ahead, Williams of York went against Padfield of Lancaster, scoring one leg either way, until Lancaster edged it at the last second, bringing it to 3-3.

With a motley group of Lancastrian supporters joining in tow, Smith of Lancaster entered the fray with Shaw of York. Leg one was won by York, but Lancaster fought back with a tooth-and-claw win, making the score 4-3.

Excitement in the air, Lancaster and York began their heckling and supportive chants in earnest, as team captain Nicola Cresswell went against Causby of York. It was tense as Lancaster won the first leg, and everyone’s breath was held as the score whittled closer and closer down to zero…until a sneaky second leg is awarded to York!

All down to the final ultimatum, the third deciding leg for Lancaster… It went down to 41 for Lancaster versus 48 for York…and then, the magic dart sailed to its goal, and the Lancaster crowd erupted into utter ecstasy! After a brilliant performance from both teams, the only challenge that followed on from this was how to manoeuvre through the crowd!

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