Fierce fencing from York fought off Lancaster for the points


Despite a strong start with the first weapon, the sabre, Lancaster’s women’s fencing team were left red faced with York taking all four points which were added to York’s mounting tally.

The women’s fencing began with the sabre. It was Katie Hayle, Sophie Baggs and Charley Oxenburgh’s quick technique and control from the very beginning that enabled Lancaster to claim victory with a score of 45-37 to Lancaster. This early lead to seemed to surprise the Lancaster team with York having members from the Northern Ireland and Great Britain fencing team in their squad.

The tables quickly turned though in the foil and the epee, the second and third weapon.  Despite their shaky start in the first weapon, York’s determination shone through as they claimed victory in the foil scoring 45 points in comparison to Lancaster’s 17 points. The previous match then relived its self in the third and final match where York were quite simply the stronger team with the score ending 45-24 in the epee. Four points were awarded to York.

Katie Hayle, the team captain, said “We started off strong and won the sabre but we knew we were the underdogs in the final weapon. I’m really proud of my girls”.

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