Revision rough to summer sparkle

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Revision cards, post-it notes and your trusty biro pen is the usual sight you have been seeing for the past few weeks. You may have spent over-time in the library or in your room in your comfy yet unflattering clothes as you glue yourself to your desk. Let’s face it, time to just paint our nails or to dress up goes out of the window in favour of every last minute to cram in those last historical dates or Wordsworth quotes. But don’t despair, exams don’t last forever. For me, the best part of the end of the exams is the vast amounts of time we have to just enjoy the last few weeks of university and to get prepared for the summer. Enjoy the time to just think about you and prepare for those BBQs, nights out and trips to the beach in style.

After all of the hard work and long hours spent revising for those dreaded exams it’s time to be a little bit selfish and think about ourselves. Kick-start the summer by eating healthily and drinking plenty of water because a new routine really helps to make you feel brighter and will definitely be a change from the strict revision timetable of the last few months. Take up some form of activity; even going for a run can be fun when the weather is nice, working on that beach body in the process. After exams make plans to go out and enjoy the weather, even if you just relax for the evening in a beer-garden, exams will soon be a distant memory.

Enjoy having a chance to ditch your pyjamas and plaster on the Fake Bake. We all need that summer glow to pull us out of the work rut. Break out the bronzer and tan infused moisturises, even if we do have the typical British summer we can at least pretend and lift our spirits with a gorgeous tan. Girls, treat yourself to some bright coloured nail varnish to get you in the summer mood. My personal favourite is Barry M’s ‘Coral’ and their new addition ‘Peach Melba’ and let’s not forget a good old face mask. That goes for you boys too, take the chance to make the most of pampering yourself in time for the summer and give yourself that healthy glow. Stock up on sun tan cream and lip balm to keep from burning although that may be just a tad too optimistic for English weather, but a girl can dream.

We all work hard during exams but when the quiet period is over it is time to let off some steam and enjoy the summer. Make the most of the last few weeks by having fun with friends, go to the beach, Morecambe isn’t very far away or branch out and have a day at the Pleasure Beach in Blackpool. Go somewhere you wouldn’t have had time to in term time or make time for friends you haven’t seen in a while. Make the most of your new found freedom by spending it with your friends; after all we have one long summer apart ahead of us. Summer is just around the corner and let’s face it, getting some summer sparkle is a great way to unwind from exams and kick-start an amazing summer holiday.

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