Big Fat Quiz of the Year a success

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On Wednesday of Week Six, the Big Fat Quiz of the Year was run for the second consecutive year, attracting a large turnount of people in County Bar.

Matt Windsor, LUSU Vice President (Finance, Events, Democracy and Societies) who hosted the event, said that he was “very pleased with the turnout”. In total there were 26 teams, and approximately 143 people at the quiz which Windsor said was a larger turnout than last year. Last year the quiz was held in Fylde Bar, and the change in location had the capacity to accommodate more people.

Throughout the course of the evening, which began at 7.30pm and ended at approximately 11pm, a number of prizes were awarded for different tasks, including the fastest boy to put on a girl’s bra, the fastest girl to put boy’s boxers and the fastest person to eat a packet of crisps. For each of these tasks, a prize of £5 cash was awarded to the winner. When asked about these tasks, Windsor said: “we thought it’d be best if people had more chances to win money that weren’t just based around quiz knowledge. A lot of people will do stupid things for a fiver!”

The quiz itself comprised of a number of rounds, including a sport, music and a picture round. The prizes for the winners of the quiz were free entry to Sugarhouse every Friday and Saturday for the remainder of term for third place, £50 cash for second place and £200 cash for first place.

The winners of the quiz were team ‘County’ which comprised of six members including Rachel Napier, Sarah Flavell, Emma Betts-Gray, Ross Alexander, Jacob McManus, James Macdonald, Gwinnett Bompas, and Charis Wheatley. When Wheatley was asked about how she felt when her team won, she said: “We were really happy when we found out we won. None of our team expected to win. There were so many questions and quite a few of the answers were guessed so I suppose we just got lucky. It helped that everyone on our team does different degrees so we all had various snippets of knowledge that contributed towards the answers.” When asked about how they spent their prizes, Wheatley said “As there were 8 of us on the team, we ended up with £25 each which is always good as we all tend to spend more than we have. I think we all spent it on a night out in Sugar at the weekend, as at least for the girls that is more than enough for us to have a good night.”

Wheatley also commented on the quiz on the whole, saying that it had “a nice atmosphere and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves”.

Jemma Gaskell, JCR President for County College said “Obviously we were really pleased to be given the opportunity to host the Inter-college quiz, but winning it was brilliant! Well done to the team, they did County proud.”

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