A sober guide to Freshers’


Freshers’ Week; two words which can have a huge impact. What will it involve? Will I meet new people? Do I have to drink? From personally experiencing two Lancaster Freshers’ weeks I can honestly say, instead of worrying about Freshers’ Week make it the best experience possible for you!

Each person is different and therefore you might want to enjoy a quieter Freshers’ week; one that doesn’t involve that 24/7 drunken feeling. There is no written rule demanding every fresher goes out every night or that you have to have a drink. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.

As soon as you get to Uni you will meet Freshers’ reps. Make the most of them and ask them about all of the activities that are happening during Freshers’ Week and go to the ones you feel most comfortable with. There are many campus quizzes or other activities where you can go and enjoy a chilled atmosphere and meet lots of new people without the need to drink. However all college activities are non-alcohol friendly, even if they may be based in the bars. Silent discos are fun under any circumstance. Most colleges also have one night in where everyone can go and enjoy just spending time as a big group; and you might even get pizza if you’re lucky.

If you enjoy the atmosphere of a night out but not the drinking side of it, then go and find out for yourself what Lancaster has to offer – sober! You can go on the many organised nights out during Freshers’, and have a great time without drinking. There should be no pressure to drink and you should never feel that there is. It is important to talk to people and join in events but they can be the events you choose.

There are lots of activities which happen during the day where you can meet people, such as the three day Freshers’ Fair, so don’t feel that by not going on a night out you will never mix with your new flat or course mates. However if you still feel stuck about socialising, then why not suggest having dinner as a flat so you can all have fun just getting to know each other.

Don’t worry about Freshers’ Week, there are lots of people to guide you and they have all survived it by doing their own thing and enjoying it. Everyone is different and no one thinks any less of you if you want to do Freshers’ Week sober; some of the best people to meet are those who can have a great time whilst not drinking. Have fun, don’t worry, be yourself and enjoy Freshers’ week in anyway you like. There is plenty to do for all tastes, just keep checking the Freshers’ info so you don’t miss out and have a great first week at Lancaster!

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