A Journey into the Life of Eric Morecambe



Morecambe: A Journey into the Life of Eric Morecambe
The Dukes Theatre, Lancaster


With the recent cold weather I wanted someone to, “Bring me sunshine with (their) smile, bring me laughter all the while” and that is exactly what ‘Morecambe’ manages to do. Written by Tim Whitnall, staring Bob Golding and directed by Guy Masteron, ‘Morecambe’ is near enough a laugh a minute.

Golding has appeared in many theatre productions, and has played various characters on ‘Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’ on BBC Radio 4. His delivery is superb and he plays Eric Morcambe to the tee. ‘Morecambe is a one man show with Golding taking the audience through the story of his life acting out the voices of his mother, wife, Ernie Wise, various agents and other people in his life; he also has a puppet of Ernie which features throughout the show. He sings the classic songs, does the dances and the jokes are all in the right place. One could say what more could you want, apart from the real Eric Morecambe of course, but Golding isn’t far off and manages to get the balance right between the comedy and also the more tragic moments in his life.

Another thing which captured me about the show was the lighting. With ‘Morecambe’ being a one man show without use of any special effects, you might be fooled into thinking it would be a boring show. However, with the clever use of lighting technology the right moods and atmospheres are represented flawlessly, from sadness and nervousness to happiness and the atmosphere of a British seaside.

‘Morecambe’ was a spectacular production from start to finish, not one moment would I have changed and it certainly was and will continue to be a big hit with the crowd. For those interested in seeing the show, it continues to run across the UK until July.

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