Eat, drink and be scary!


As the end of October approaches we begin to think about the night of costumes, jack-o’-lanterns and playing pranks. Halloween is fun for kids but it also gives us a chance to act like them too! We deserve it least once a year, right?  We may be too old to trick-or-treat (as I was rudely told by an obnoxious ten year old) but who would want to miss a night to dress up and throw a party?!

Whilst putting together a Halloween costume can be fun it can also be creatively challenging and a burden on your wallet.  Take the stress out of Halloween by using these easy-to assemble ideas, which mostly comprise of items you probably already have lying around your halls.

I would always recommend the trusty ghost.  What could be easier than cutting two eye-holes into a white bed sheet?  You could go one step further and cut a hole for a mouth; this would definitely make drinking easier.

Another favourite of mine is the toilet paper mummy.  It’s all in the name really; imagine yourself to be in the time of the ancient Egyptians and wrap yourself from head to toe in toilet paper. Slight hinderance though; if it starts to rain and you are covered in Asda value toilet paper, you could find yourself in a slightly compromising position. I would recommend a thick bog roll for this one, and to wear attire underneath to avoid any awkward dashes home. Why not face paint some dark rings around your eyes too to add to the spooky, deathly effect.

I recently came across the idea of being a ‘cereal killer’.  Just save your used boxes of Coco Pops and Kellogs and pin
them to your clothing.  To hammer home your idea (incase no one gets it), stab the boxes with plastic knives and add a little tomato sauce here and there- potentially messy, but witty.

If you are thinking about hosting a Halloween pre-drinking party, you could have tons of fun making some really tasty, themed cocktails.  One recipe that will go down very well is the blood orange margarita. It’s easy; moisten the rim of the glass and dip it in salt.  Shake up some crushed ice, ‘blood’ orange juice and tequila and pour into chilled glasses.

You can’t have Halloween without a party punch!  A great punch recipe involves stirring one bottle of orange flavored soda, a bottle of fruit punch, a (700ml) bottle of flavored vodka and half a carton of vanilla ice cream.  The ice cream floating on top of the orange-red punch mixture makes it look like something pretty evil is brewing! Decorate the flat with cobwebs, crawling spiders, carefully carved pumpkins and play some sinister tunes to really create a playfully freaky atmosphere. Your guests will definitely be impressed!

Whether you are just deciding on a Halloween costume for a trip to Sugar or throwing a party, hopefully these few tips will help you have a happy Halloween; now go eat, drink and be scary!

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