Underpass set to re-open for Easter


A recent statement from Director of Facilities Mark Swindlehurst has revealed that further repairs to the underpass will resume this November, following advice from consultant structural engineers.

Within the announcement it has been confirmed by the engineers that although “[Alexandra] square can remain in safe use” it is advised that “precautionary restrictions” are taken on loadings, advising against “large scale events [and] heavy vehicles entering the square.”

Swindlehurst stated that although the “further repairs to the underpass” have extended “over and above the original proposals,” the “full extent of repairs have now been identified and the remedial work is due to begin in November 2011.”

Construction work began on Alexandra Square and the underpass in August 2010. The underpass is anticipated to be re-opened during Easter 2012. However, third-year student Grace Fitzpatrick is less optimistic. “I don’t think the work will be finished by Easter,” she said, “it seems like construction work has been taken place around the square for the majority of my University career and I can’t see it being completely finished anytime soon.”

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