Bag the tash, it’s trash.


December marks the end of November, or should I say Movember, which is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in the UK and around the world. The aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. Having a fuzzy upper lip is all good and well in the name of charity, but when Movember ends, is it really necessary for the prickly thing to remain? Well, this depends on who you are.

Moustaches on the right people are sexy. Take Johnny Depp for example, he is an idolised Hollywood star, yet does his moustache effect this? No, it makes him look more mysterious and girls flock to his feet. If he didn’t have a moustache, he wouldn’t be as appealing and any girl would put up with a bit of discomfort on the lips, if it meant kissing Johnny Depp! However, the men in our lives are not Hollywood superstars who are chiselled to perfection and have worldwide fame (they might be in your eyes, but who are you kidding?); they’re normal students with normal lives. So why do they think it is totally acceptable for them to don the tash?

Now, you may want to stick up for your man saying it does it for you and you love it, that’s fine! You’ve learnt to love his hairy nose neighbour and he doesn’t need to impress anyone else. However the singletons of the moustache world need to worry. Who wants to kiss someone who might make them be in pain or even worse, leave a stray hair on your upper lip? The wild and free look is long gone and although it might work for your hair, your moustache I’m afraid is just not as appealing.

My advice to you is, shave the thing off and have a bit of sexy designer stubble; you can’t go wrong. It means you still have a bit of facial hair, so you can easily get that lucky lady and then impose the tash on her, or just keep it all to a minimum because you’ve realised it isn’t a good look. No one wants to go out with someone looking like their dad in a midlife crisis who decided a moustache will make him feel better; it’s just not what we go for! The stubble still gives off that, ‘I’m rugged and wild’ look which a lot of girls crave, yet doesn’t look like you have a caterpillar taking home below your nose. In the name of charity, no one will judge you for your moustache, even if you wax it if that’s what floats your boat. However when Movember ends, stick the tash in the trash!

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