Live Review @ The Lancaster Library: CSS


I first saw CSS in 2007 with some college friends I would inevitably grow out of. I was a very different person back then – very young, and in fact, CSS were my first ever gig (unless you count Tom Jones at the MEN). Watching CSS at Lancaster Library was a total nostalgia trip for me.

When I first watched them, they played Manchester Academy and Justice supported (which was a fantastic set, by the way). I remember Lovefoxxx in her bright orange jumpsuit absolutely owning the stage, and the other band members just fading into the background a little. It was interesting to see how the band dynamic had changed since then – the other members are just as enigmatic as Lovefoxxx, but it’s the frontwoman who brings the party.

Four years older and still just as foxxxy; Lovefoxxx opened at Lancaster Library in trademark fancy dress, and her involvement with the audience was at pretty much maximum capacity. As it was the last show of the tour, she informed us that she had some ‘prizes’ to give away: prizes being leftover fancy dress, including wigs, props, and dry shampoo. As a band, CSS are still all about the fun and fans. I even managed to come away with a guitar pick!

While playing, the bond between the band members is a clear and strong one – making note that she wanted all the friends in the audience to hug, CSS enjoyed a massive group hug and were obviously having fun while they were playing – so much fun in fact, that we got to see an experimental rap from three of of the lovely CSS ladies.

CSS were a lovely little highlight of the festival circuit around 2007; four years later and they still get the audience dancing. And thank goodness, they’ve kept the old classics such as ‘Let’s Make Love’ and ‘Off The Hook’ on the setlist, as well as new tracks from latest album La Liberación – listening to ‘Hits Me Like a Rock’ proves CSS can still make music that produces far more endorphins that you’d expect. They might be a band that are 8 years old, but they’re definitely still having fun – and making sure the audience are still having fun too.

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