SCAN investigates: the changing face of Higher Education


Throughout Lent Term SCAN, in collaboration with Bailrigg FM and LA1:TV, will be producing a series of features documenting the changing landscape of Higher Education.

Impact is the name of the game

Applications drive funding focus

Careers fairs attract Management students

The University must strike a balance

Context: fees and funding

Higher Education goes global

Specifically, we aim to show how these changes are becoming apparent at Lancaster University and how the University is responding to them.

The second installment of the project, published in the Week Five issue of SCAN, analyses business collaboration throughout the University, with focus on the Management School and Faculty of Science and Technology.

A live panel discussion on Bailrigg FM will consider issues raised thus far in the project; this will air at 6pm on Wednesday 15th February.

A documentary feature produced towards the end of term in conjunction with LA1:TV will address the issue of postgraduate fees and funding.

To make your suggestions as to what this project may cover, please contact


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