New era of sport?


Yet again I am sitting here writing another article for SCAN with a vital piece of sporting infrastructure unavailable for our teams to use.  With the outdoor netball courts near the old Sports Centre now out of use for the foreseeable future due to the floodlights being removed our college and University Netball teams and Women’s Rugby Club have yet again got to do without training and in some cases matches for the second year in a row.

The courts were resurfaced last year and yet it would seem that there was a significant issue with the floodlights that was either never picked up, or never dealt with, leaving us in the situation we are in now.  I am certainly not blaming this issue on one person or part of University management but surely these kind of issues must have been looked at during the works last year?  This issue began when one light was downed due to the high winds at the end of last term but only now is it starting to be looked at which is crippling our chances of strong performances in those relevant sports.

Quite a few people this year, myself included I’ll admit, have been talking about about the “dawn of a new era of sport” here at Lancaster, but so far our teams are experiencing what can only be described as a “muggy morning”, and not getting the chance do what they do best- play, and win.

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