Management School professor appears on BBC News


Professor Cary Cooper, a distinguished professor at Lancaster University Management School, appeared on BBC Breakfast on Sunday April 15th to underline the importance of taking holidays.

Cooper, who specialises in Organizational Psychology and Health, has authored over 150 books pertaining to psychology and was heralded the ‘5th Most Influential Thinker in HR in 2011.’

Cooper’s appearance was prompted by widespread questioning regarding the benefits of taking holidays in the current climate. Despite recent criticism on the benefits of holidays, Cooper maintained that, “research shows it’s good for you, both physically and mentally.” The professor also stated: “Psychologically, people need to get together.”

On the accessibility of social media networks and connections with work whilst on vacation, however, Prof. Cooper was adamant that “this is the danger of the holiday now,” commenting that, “technology is now interfering with the holiday.”

“Mobile technology is potentially damaging the relationships within the family,” Cooper expressed, stressing that parental use of mobile technology within the family unit was more damaging on holiday than the use of such technology in the hands of children and teenagers. “We have to be really, really careful,” he emphasised.

For those who find their fingers itching for their phone after mere minutes of absence, Cooper suggested the following: “Do it once a day, but that’s it.”

When asked whether he had used mobile technology recently on holiday, however, Cooper admitted that he had – again stressing the need to avoid the use of such technology on holiday, despite the difficulty for some individuals. “I hope my wife’s not watching this bit!” he responded jokingly.

Cooper is the Editor-in-Chief of the international Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management and present on the Editorial Boards of many scholarly journals. His appearance on BBC Breakfast comes at a time when several TV advertisements have appeared encouraging the British populace to stay within the UK during 2012, with exciting events such as the Olympics soon to arrive.

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