Bowland student dies in road accident

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A Lancaster University student sadly died on April 4th in a road accident near Deighton, North Yorkshire.

Bowland first year, Rosie Missett, has been described by Daniel-Sean Huisman, Bowland JCR President, as “an active member of the college” who “will be missed by a lot of people.”

“Her death has shocked the whole college” he continued, “especially those within her friendship group, in which she was popular,” adding that “his thoughts and that of the college go out to her flatmates, friends and family.”

The accident “occurred at approximately 8:25 pm Wednesday 4 April 2012” an official statement from the North Yorkshire Police explained. Rosie “had just got off an Arriva bus which was travelling towards Selby” when she was hit by a Range Rover. Regretfully, she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Rosie’s previous school, Boston Spa School, which she attended for seven years, have posted a message on their website where they express “it was [their] privilege to have Rosie as part of [their] school, she was bright and lively and she exhibited a healthy zest for life; her loss will leave an unimaginable gap in the lives of her family and will also be felt in the lives of so many in our school community, both past and present.”

Bowland Principal, Joe Thornberry, has also expressed his condolences, commenting that “we are all shocked and saddened at the news of Rosie’s death. She was a popular and well-known student in Bowland and will be missed by all who knew her.

“Staff and students from the college and from Rosie’s department attended her funeral in Leeds, and this mark of respect was greatly appreciated by her parents,” he continued. “We are also looking at the possibility of having a memorial service here on campus but in this we will be guided by the wishes of Rosie’s family.”

“In the meantime” Thornberry added, “we are working closely with Student Based Serviced and the Chaplaincy Centre to ensure that Rosie’s friends and acquaintances on campus get the support to help them deal with this tragedy.”


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