Lancaster welcomes Kosovan students


In an attempt to help with its integration into the European Union, the nation of Kosovo has sent 35 young students to study in a handful of specially selected EU Universities, 19 of which are studying at Lancaster. 

The move comes after the Kosovan Government identified certain skills, which, following Kosovo’s declaration of independence, will help with its drive for full assimilation into the EU.  This EU funded programme has been devised in cooperation with the Agency for European Integration at the Kosovo Government Prime Minister’s Office. It aims to increase skills in a number of areas including agriculture, corporate governance, statistics, energy and the environment.

This is the fourth year that the scholarship programme has been implemented, and it is claimed that over 60 Kosovan students and Civil Servants have so far benefited. This is the first time that Lancaster University has taken part in the scheme. It has been selected to provide education through the form of masters degrees covering statistics, energy, and the environment through the Postgraduate Statistics Centre and the Lancaster Environment Centre.

Recipients of the Young Cell scholarship are being sent to the UK, Germany, Denmark and Estonia, and, upon completion of their studies, these young professionals will be set to begin working for the Kosovo Administration.The scheme marks an important step in helping to rebuild Kosovo, after dealing with years of unrest within the country, to move closer to achieving European standards.

Kosovo, which declared its independence in February of this year and is recognised as a sovereign nation by 51 United Nations member states, will hopefully continue to benefit from the scheme.  For Lancaster, the project fully cements the University’s reputation as an internationally renowned institution, whilst also serving to boost its ethical credentials.

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