I am Lancaster!


With sports teams sweating it out in training sessions and the university making the final preparations before the arrival of our Yorkshire counterparts, it can only mean one thing… Roses 2012.

Against the University of York, the annual Roses tournament is the most important event in Lancaster’s sporting calendar and this year we have the home advantage.

The event began back in 1965 and is now in its 48th year of running. The overall results of the tournament have remained close over the years with York edging ahead by 24 total victories to Lancaster’s 22.

Last year, York won back the Carter-James trophy by a 61 point margin after losing on Lancaster’s home ground the previous year by 52 points.

For this year’s tournament, the total points tally has been set at 308 meaning that 156 points are needed for a win.

There remain to be three undefeated teams in the event and those fortunately lie in the hands of Lancaster. All playing on Saturday 5th May, the Men’s Hockey 3rds (Astro 1, 9.30), the trampolining society (Sports Centre Hall 2, 12.30) and the Lancaster Bomber’s American Football team (Rugby League Pitch, 13.00) have yet to lose to their York opposition and certainly plan on maintaining such feats.

Lancaster’s netball teams will be looking for across the board victories as well this year. The 2nds were the only team out of the three to not win last year and so following their success in winning the BUCS Northern 4A League this season they undoubtedly hope to obtain victory in Roses 2012.

Lancaster men’s football teams will also be looking to overcome their disappointing seasons in their respective BUCS Leagues. However, the 1sts beat York in their 2011 encounter with a score of 1-0, and will ultimately look to employ this psychological edge. The women’s 1sts also have the title of reigning to champions to maintain having capitalised upon missed goal-scoring opportunities by York in their last Roses showdown.

Media coverage has a massive role to play over the weekend and the bar is being set increasingly higher year-upon-year. SCAN will be producing a live feed at a large number of the events, on-the-day match reports and a special edition of the paper dedicated to Roses. For live video, commentary and blog feeds and more importantly the score, visit www.roseslive.com.

That being said, don’t rely on your refresh button for a constant update of the score. Get down to the pitches and venture inside the sports hall to give your teams the support they both need and deserve. I AM LANCASTER, the question is; are you?

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