Badminton Men’s 2nds suffer setback against York

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Photo by Jordan Finners

The Lancaster Men’s 2nds fell to an overall 6-3 defeat at the hands of the white rose. The team had an early 3-1 lead but the visitors were spurred into action and reeled off five consecutive victories.

In the opening contest of the battle, Lancaster’s James Dennis and Kenneth Leung played against York’s Stephen Hallott and Chiny Tang. Lancaster proved their worth by taming their opponents in straight games with a margin of 21-13 and 24-22. Meanwhile on the next court, Jamie Lee and John Holland lost to their rivals, John Sinclair and Jinglun Tang, 21-19 and 21-17.

Alex Booth and Nathan Masih-Hanneghan cruised past the opponents 21-15 and 21-7 in the second round of games, while Dennis and Leung built the advantage in three games with a margin of 21-15, 11-21 and 21-18. The huge crowd at the court could not have asked for better performances from the two pairs.

York, however, staged a magnificent fight-back to thrash Lancaster 4-3 overall in the next contest. The match was transformed in three brilliant performances from the White Rose shortly which saw the Reds slumping down to three hugely disappointing straight set defeats. Lancaster’s Dennis and Leung failed to continue their winning streak and succumbed to the tremendous challenge of Sinclair and Tang, 8-21 and 13-21. York’s two extremely competitive pairs edged out Lancaster in another two sets, 21-19 21-12 and 21-19 21-12 21-14.

The final round saw the home team more determined to restore credibility after York drubbing. Despite much improved effort and smash the York Men’s 2nds were too strong and won both sets 21-8 21-13 and 22-20 18-21 21-18.

One of the winning players of the final games, Hallott said to SCAN, “I am so pleased with the 3 victories against Lancaster since our team has been fighting very hard in every single match.”

He also commented that Lancaster “played well at the beginning” and praised their remarkable work and the enthusiasm of the cheering teams.

York’s Captain Sinclair was perfectly thrilled with his team display and said “It was such a brilliant performance and I am delighted that York has earned 10 points in the Tournament.”

“This has been a really great day to the entire team and I am so proud of Stephen and Chiny, without any doubt they are the top players of the match,” he added.

Responding to the eventual defeat, captain Booth insisted that his team had a “good chance and fantastic players” and glorified Lancaster’s aggression. He further mentioned that this would not derail Lancaster title bid.

It was a phenomenal performance by the entire Men 2nds squad, though the headlines would go to York, who capped a marvelous day by grabbing all the points. Thanks to the overwhelming support, Lancaster look to continue heaping pressure on York with more victories in the remaining games of Roses.

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