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School’s (almost) out for summer!  Which means that some of us will be busy planning holidays with our friends, either those from home or uni.  While you may have already booked or begun thinking about your sunny break away from what is bound to be, let’s face it, a summer of temperamental English weather, here is a little advice on how to ensure your trip runs smoothly, with minimal bumps in the road of friendship.

Of course, everybody’s holiday will be different; some will be going for your standard week-long party in Crete or Magaluf, others will want to incorporate a bit of sight-seeing and daytime activities into their break. Whatever it is that your and your friends want to get up to on holiday, the best way to get maximum enjoyment out of it all is to plan ahead. That is not to say that your need a daily itinerary, planned our to the last minute and carried out with military precision, but it is a good idea to do a bit of research early on into the area you are going to.

Get Google to do the work and, either with your friends or on your own, have a look at what is on offer nearby; look at daytime activities such as waterparks and good places for shopping, interesting places to visit or events to go to, and what the local restaurants and nightlife are like. This way, you will know what is available, what everyone wants to do, and you will have sorted out any compromises ahead of time, therefore avoiding any disagreements and fall-out once you are away.

However, no matter how well prepared you feel and no matter how agreeable everyone seems now, in a month’s time when you’re feeling a bit frazzled by the heat and someone has used the last of the juice, you’re probably going to end up getting a little irritated by each other at least once.  So, again, just plan ahead!  Even if you all get along fine without any annoyances, it’s good to consider bringing a book or a few magazines, so that you can get some time by yourself if you need it.  Even just plugging in your iPod whilst sunbathing will give you the opportunity to relax and get a bit of ‘me-time.’

So whether your holiday is all about sights, sand and snorkelling or more sun, sex and suspicious parents, just enjoy yourselves and remember to be safe, be it in the sun, the sea, or sex.  Have a great summer; you’ll be back in Lancaster before you know it!

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