Make it through the rain


So you have finished your exams, danced your way through the Extravs, and now you’re back home with half the summer holiday still ahead of you. Whether you are a third year cherishing your last few months of freedom or a second year embracing your summer break before the real work begins, most us want to spend the next few months socialising, catching up with friends, and generally having a good time. But, with all the recent news about flooding and the constant downpours of torrential rain, this summer looks set to be a truly soggy affair. So just how are we supposed to keep ourselves entertained during these miserable months?

One way to pass the time without getting drenched is a visit to the local cinema. There’s plenty of sizzling summer blockbusters to choose from – Christian Bale’s Batman returns in The Dark Knight Rises, the final instalment of the superhero saga; the unusual paring of comic actor Steve Carell and screen starlet Keira Knightley looks set to create lots of laughs in Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World; and Step Up 4, the latest in the series, is filled with even bigger and better dance moves than its predecessors. If one your mates just happens to be on Orange, even better; there is no excuse for not taking advantage of their two for one offers on Wednesdays.

Even if you’ve come back home and realised your bank account is as empty as Sugarhouse during the exam period, you needn’t be deprived of the cinema experience. Arrange a get together with your friends and get them to bring a couple of DVDs along. Stock up on cheap popcorn and sweets and you are all set for a movie marathon.

As simple as it may sound, there’s nothing quite like a catch up with a close friend. Coffee shops are the perfect place to a have a nice long natter and, who knows, chatting with your college pal who you haven’t seen since Christmas may well take your mind off the woeful weather we’re having. What’s more, you can enjoy a hot chocolate in the shelter of Starbucks, away from the rain, wind and mud.

If you have got a bit of money to spend, why not head into town – under the protection of an umbrella of course – and treat yourself to a slap-up meal with some friends. With good food and good company, you’re bound to have a great night and manage to keep warm and dry at the same time. If the purse strings are in need of tightening, lots of places have special offers on certain nights – and there’s always student discount.

These suggestions may all seem simple, but they are guaranteed to stop you sitting inside constantly refreshing your news feed on Facebook. So, despite the lack of sunshine, this summer can be an awesome one. You’ll just need to invest in an umbrella.

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