Sugar’s Student Slipper Service


As we arrive back for another term, many of us will be eager to get stuck into something new, whether a new society, sports team, or perhaps even a new business opportunity. Zac Garton and Kitson Broadhurst  are two students who have done just that. With the support of LUSU Involve, they’ve come up with an ingenious idea to earn some cash, and will be offering support to the feet of Lancaster’s female population at the same time.

Intrigued? Kitson explained his money making scheme to SCAN Lifestyle: “Our product is an eye-catching disposable slipper which will be sold from a vending machine in a club environment. The product will be aimed at young women, this is because a great number will dance and walk home barefooted due to the discomfort of wearing high heels for a prolonged period of time.”

Sounds like a perfect remedy to post night-out blisters! After all ladies, we all know that familiar pain when hobbling through the front door at four in the morning. We’ve all hitched piggy-backs and even walked the Lancaster cobbles in our bare feet just to avoid the agony that high heels bring. But from September, Zac and Kitson’s shoe service will be operating from a vending machine within Sugarhouse, and for just £2 you can buy a pair of bright disposable slippers which will ensure you crash into bed with pain-free feet.

Where did these entrepreneurs get inspiration for their unique business? It seems great ideas come from unexpected places, as Kitson reveals all. “I saw a club in Newcastle giving away cheap and nasty white disposable slippers at the end of the night and people were going mad for them. This made me think that if we could get some better quality slippers then we could make a business out of it.”

With the support of LUSU Involve, Lancaster’s volunteering service, the boys were able to make their ideas a reality.  Not only does Involve prides itself on its wide range of volunteering schemes, but also gives students the opportunity to set up their own business. Kitson holds the service in high esteem and knows from experience how eager Involve is to help students in their ventures. “Involve offer the advice, funding and contacts you need to begin to build a business. Without Involve this business would be nowhere near where it is!”

So if you think you’re the next Lord Sugar or have a brilliant, original idea then LUSU Involve is a valuable resource that will help you turn ideas into action – and hopefully have you rolling in profit. After all, we’ve all got to pay back our student loans somehow!

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