Spine Spotter


DSC_0327Name: Victoria Meadows
Course: Psychology
Fashion Icon: “I pay attention to the trends occasionally”
Favourite Shop: Topshop and ASOS
Signature Piece: Duster coat

IMG_3561Name: Johnny Adamson
Course: Law
Fashion Icon: Alex Turner from The Arctic Monkeys
Favourite Shop: Zara
Signature Piece: Chelsea Boots

IMG_3432Name: Katie Daniels
Course: Geography
Fashion Icon: “I don’t really have one…”
Favourite Shop: Topshop, ASOS, New Look
Signature Piece: Crop tops and trainers

IMG_3556Name: Andrew Zimmer
Course: Geography
Fashion Icon: Ryan Reynolds
Favourite Shop: Urban Outfitters
Signature Piece: Plain white tee

DSC_0437Name: Philippa Wood
Course: Psychology
Fashion Icon: Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl
Favourite Shop: Zara and Topshop
Signature Piece: Ankle boots

IMG_3558Name: Chris Hann
Course: Mechanical Engineering
Fashion Icon: A$AP Rocky
Favourite Shop: Urban Outiftters
Signature Piece: Crew neck sweatshirt


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